ALONE, together

Alone, together is a short film that shows an intimate story about connections. How strongly do we feel connected to each other? Do we dare to reveal how vulnerable we are? Or do we cover it up with shame and anxiety?  The film tells the story of two sisters who are trying to reconnect and find support with each other. Both struggle verbally, and they increasingly grow further apart. They might look similar on the outside, but their beliefs and choices are worlds apart. They are terrified of losing each other’s approval and cannot support each other like they use to. Although my films are always personal, they do not tell my story. What I always envision to underline is the characters’ real struggles with their never-ending emotions. Too often we use silence as protection.

  • Cast: Lotte Boersma, Julia Boersma
  • Director, writer, editor: Nelleke Broeze
  • cinematographer: Lukas Bruns
  • produced by: Nelleke BroezeCo-produced by: Mitch Biermans, Lotte Boersma
  • Gaffer: Mitch Biermans
  • Art Direction: Dionne Blokland
  • Commissioned by: Gemeente Sud-west Fryslan
July 2018