If I Can’t Hide, I better Flourish

“If I Can’t Hide, I better Flourish” is a short film and installation that questions the idea of autonomy in relation to public space. Nelleke Broeze explores this from her personal perspective as a woman. She says, “While growing up, I increasingly found myself in situations where I adjusted my movements in public space.” In this film, she starts to wonder if that means that she’s becoming further removed from herself. Because even though she has agency, we still lose our autonomy due to the subtle power structures. Curious as to whether she is the only one who feels this way, the filmmaker explores this with the help of other women. Throughout the film, she is confronted with the desire to be invisible, which is deeply rooted om her. She is taken out of her comfort zone by the other women in various scenes, with one goal: How can women collectively defeat this system and redefine space?

  • Starring: Emilia Martin, Jenny Lindberg, Rio Drop, Elena Blumenbach and Nelleke Broeze
  • Director, producer, editor: Nelleke Broeze
  • Camera and Light: Talita Virginia
  • Sound Design: Armand Lesecq
  • Graphic Design: Justine Corrijn
June 2022
Film on request